Apr. 29th, 2008

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lj, my good friend...resorting to blogging once again as the semester draws to a close and i find myself with more impending paper deadlines than i know what to do with.

-took my final pchem test of the semester (and hopefully, final for a long time, other than the standardized final on friday, which i don't think counts), and turned in the insane-o lab report i finished last night
-found out that i will never be able to teach 3rd graders...as my professor said, "there's not enough alcohol in the world"

-saw an improv-play at my school, "murder we wrote," which featured a clue-esque plotline. giant cards were shuffled, and actors came out one by one to receive their roles for the evening. the murderer ended up being phil, the main character, a widowed head of a lawfirm. he killed his poor sister in the winecellar, by smothering her with a teddy bear (the location and weapon, like clue, were also determined via draws from giant card decks, and only the murderer knew all of the clues)...audience input included a rickroll of a song suggestion (resulting in phil working in the lyrics to 'never gonna give you up' as a soliloquy to his dearly departed wife), and a character's catchphrase being 'that's what she said'. i wish i'd had the time to see the play more times, it looked like it had the potential to be amazing again and again
-my computer had a massive heart-attack, and had to visit the laptop shop for about a week...ended up replacing the motherboard, but they were able to keep my hard drive, so i didn't have to worry about my files (and now i have a greater resolve to back up my files more often)

in the near-ish future:
-two papers to finish by tomorrow at some point
-one lab report to finish by friday at the latest (which should be interesting to write, as the nmr instrument is completly broken, and as such i have no results to report [on the work i've been doing for the past 5 weeks or so])
-two finals to take on thursday
-one final to take on friday
-one final final to take on monday

in the slightly farther future:
-summer research...should be smelly (working with sulfur compounds...think well-water sprinkler systems). feel free to visit me; i'll be staying in one of the dorms during my research (hopefully)

list o' fun links:



http://www.skineart.com/ ((makes me want to get a moleskine))


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