May. 12th, 2008

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whew! long day...glad i opted to start up earlier in the summer with this research, rather than wait until later...i'm already feeling lazy after a week off of school.

jumped straight into work today, started up an experiment that yielded some bright yellow solid...gotta wait until tomorrow to see what it is. also today:
-changed the nitrogen tank on the glovebox twice (i think it might have ran out when i left, too, which means i get to change it again tomorrow)
-made up some aqua regia
-got rid of a lot of leftover chemicals from last summer - all into the organic/inorganic waste bottle...which ended up bubbling and starting to smoke
-got to smell the leftover chemicals (some were the sulfur compounds, and thus had that rotten-egg-well-water-sprinkler-system smell, which is bad, but i'm used to it...others had a very pungent odor that smelled like a mix between a nail salon and an olive garden dinner left to sit in the sun for a week...that was not plesant)
-made a base bath for cleaning the glassware
-probably other stuff too...

- - - - - - -

yesterday's art: continuation of the photoshop work...did the hair (i think it's finished...)
today's art: added something small to the background (an octopus)...i'd do more, but it's late and i'm tired...


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