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July 18, 2008 at 10:48 am

Some things are just ridiculous lately when it comes to expiration dates. I mean, when exactly did canned food that I was supposed to be able to stuff into my personal backyard underground bunker and forget about for a decade or two until the last surviving human crawled along needing lunch start requiring an expiration date at all, much less one no more than three years from the date of purchase? Bah. Those Vienna sausages would probably be okay three years after being opened as long as the cats didn’t get them. The entire purpose of canning food in the first place is to give it a half-life rivaling carbon-14.

Admittedly, I have neither personal backyard nor underground bunker, but that’s hardly the issue. While fresh meat and dairy have distinctly limited lifespans, Spam really should, by all rights, outlive me. This two to three year business is just absurd. That date on the can of Coke? It seriously can only indicate the duration that the caustic fluid can safely be contained by mere aluminum before escaping to find newer, tastier victims. Perhaps it is a warning to be heeded after all…

music meme

Feb. 16th, 2009 02:45 pm
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Comment to this entry, and I'll give you a letter. Upload 5 songs with titles that start with that letter, and post them to your journal!

I got "P" from [ profile] emi01

(note: right click + "save as" for these)

1. pandora by splashdown

2. papillon by rilo kiley

3. promiscuous lola by dj earworm

4. penelope by of montreal

5. pra iluminar by leila pinheiro
((that last one you may have to just go to and search for))
( )

i tried for some of the lesser-known songs (+ one bonus portuguese song)
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Dear: emi

I don't really know how to tell you this, but our horoscope doesn't match. I think I realized it when I quoted Santa in your closet and I saw you carve your initials into my father. I'm sure you're scarred enough to understand that Santa doesn't exist. I'm returning your love letters to you, but I'll keep your suicide note as a memory. You should also know that I never liked Oprah Winfrey imitations.

Good luck on your short-term leave from jail,

code )
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Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
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"my heart is beating, literally, a mile a minute."

no. it's not. > <;;
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ha am ha am kablam s w
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in other news...nope, too tired. maybe later. gotta rest up tonight for a presentation tomorrow morning.
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(ajax) Some people...have the idea that evolution is a fucking system of...
(ajax) "oh i need flippers, i'd better grow some" type bullshit. :P
(ajax) It's more like "Oh shit look at that freak over there with the flippers hahaha OH SHIT I AM DROWNING OH GOD SAVE ME FLIPPER BOY".
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finally moved into my dormroom, where i'll be staying for the next 7-ish weeks. the new noises will take a bit of getting used a/c occasionally sounds like it's getting ready for lift-off, and i'm near the front door and stairs, so i get quite a bit of traffic passing by (though there aren't many people in this building, so there's not too much noise [yet]).

tomorrow begins another week of research...hopefully i can make it through this week without managing to make anything react explosively.

feel free to visit me...just gimmie a note or call me, and i'll get you directions.
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yesterday art: touched up the photoshopped picture a bit; took some photographs of squirrels

today: ...more photos? ok...didn't really do anything of much value today, besides doodle on the white board while in the lab. i'm too tired by the time i get home
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whew! long day...glad i opted to start up earlier in the summer with this research, rather than wait until later...i'm already feeling lazy after a week off of school.

jumped straight into work today, started up an experiment that yielded some bright yellow solid...gotta wait until tomorrow to see what it is. also today:
-changed the nitrogen tank on the glovebox twice (i think it might have ran out when i left, too, which means i get to change it again tomorrow)
-made up some aqua regia
-got rid of a lot of leftover chemicals from last summer - all into the organic/inorganic waste bottle...which ended up bubbling and starting to smoke
-got to smell the leftover chemicals (some were the sulfur compounds, and thus had that rotten-egg-well-water-sprinkler-system smell, which is bad, but i'm used to it...others had a very pungent odor that smelled like a mix between a nail salon and an olive garden dinner left to sit in the sun for a week...that was not plesant)
-made a base bath for cleaning the glassware
-probably other stuff too...

- - - - - - -

yesterday's art: continuation of the photoshop work...did the hair (i think it's finished...)
today's art: added something small to the background (an octopus)...i'd do more, but it's late and i'm tired...
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yesterday/today's artwork (ongoing): photoshopped face of indeterminate background, lots of greens and blues for the shadows, which ended up coloring the general mood of the piece

of note: lots of 'splashdown' songs listened to during...
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yesterday's artwork (wednesday, 05/07): 'blind' drawing in photoshop...posted to deviantart

today's artwork (thursday, 05/08): photographs of orange flowers outside of the chinese restaurant i had lunch at today
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